5 Tech Trends That Are Redefining Human Resource Management

The many emerging technologies today are redefining the way workplaces function. Gone are the days in which employees were required to be physically present at the workplace in order to complete their tasks. Today, with technologies like bring your own device (BYOD) fast catching up, employees can work from anywhere on the globe with much ease. And it’s not just the employees who have been affected by the advancing technology but also the human resource team.

Almost every aspect of Human Resource is undergoing a change due to the rapidly changing technology. The modern Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) is a tool that organizations need today to bring in the benefits of technology to HR. New age HR software is helping HR personnel focus on the more important strategic aspects as they automate almost every operation of the Human Resource department. Here are 5 key technological trends that are all set to shape the future of the Human Resource department in every organization across the globe.

1. The Game-Changing Cloud Technology

With the advent of cloud technology, the software industry has witnessed a major breakthrough. Today, cloud-based technology is widespread and software developers are largely considering the cloud environment when developing software applications. After all, the Cloud has revolutionized the collection and storage of data in ways that one could not even think of before. Also, Cloud supports concepts such as enterprise mobility, which is becoming a reality of enterprises today, as it allows data access from any device just by logging in to the Cloud.

However, Cloud comes with an increased need for data security to prevent unauthorized access and data theft. This can make a Cloud solution expensive, and so while it does have benefits to offer, you need to decide whether your HR Software should offer cloud support.

2. The Rise of Mobile Apps

As it becomes increasingly rare to spot someone without a smartphone these days, mobile apps are fast replacing the good old website. Not just the millennials but every tech-savvy individual out there wants everything at their fingertips in the form of a mobile app, and your employees are no different! No wonder then that the human resource department has to focus on building a mobile app to cater to the employees who spend most of their time on their smartphones. Many organizations across the globe today are focusing on building an app that offers the functionalities of the HR Software.

3. The Big Data Effect

Big Data has had a big impact on the way modern businesses function, and the HR department is no exception. There are multiple ways in which it can benefit from Big Data as it is all about tapping the potential of the growing volumes of data to derive insights that help in making plans for the organization, understanding employee behavior, recruiting great talent and more. There are many insights that can be derived from the data and these insights can help organizations make informed decisions. In other words, Big Data gives the modern Human Resource team the power to study facts and statistics and also learn about the prevalent trends.

4. Technology You Can Wear

We live in the times when wearable technology is fast catching up with big names like Apple, Google and Microsoft have introduced different forms of wearable devices that are compatible with smartphones. These smart devices are an extension of the BYOD devices that cover laptops, tablets and smartphones. Organizations today are considering the idea of introducing wearable devices for their employees to improve employee engagement, increased connectivity, better time management, and other benefits. These small devices are the catalysts of effective communication and are exactly what an organization needs to ensure employees are always connected.

5. The Power of Social Media

Today, job portals are not the only place where recruiters look for candidates. LinkedIn and other social media platform are also being considered and this trend is here to stay, say experts. Not just recruitment, social media can also serve as a powerful platform for employee engagement, through jobs posted on the company’s social media pages, along with other information that might catch the attention of prospective hires. Also, it’s a fact that even employees go through a company’s social media pages to get an idea of the work culture and what it would be like working for the company. No wonder then that many organizations are seriously considering the possibility of linking their HR Software with social media platforms and many have successfully achieved it too.

The Bottom Line

The latest trends in technology can benefit the Human Resource department of an organization in many ways. Adopting these new technologies can go a long way in streamlining the HR processes and enhancing collaboration. It will also help the department better analyze employee data and gain insights. Last but not the least, it will help the department move towards a more strategic approach.