Agile Methodology: An approach to Survive Business in Pandemic

Agile Methodology

Agile Methodology! What comes to your mind after you read this term as Agile Methodology?

Yes, it’s something to do with Software Program Management. We always get scared to look into aspects used in Software field assuming that it’s not our cup of tea. But in my opinion, this is a methodology which can be used in any business.

I’m writing this article for my entrepreneur friends who handles small business. Who always keep themselves away from all such terminology, not because they can’t use it but because of unawareness about these terminologies or hype created by IT companies.

While this Pandemic situation has swept many small businesses and few are still struggling hard to survive. I just want to give my thoughts on how Agile Methodology in business management can help businesses to survive in this Pandemic situation and how can business grow.

This Agile terminology or methodology can be adopted by any businessman/entrepreneur for their business as I feel there is no harm in understanding new trends/methodologies to run the business.

Let’s understand what you mean by Agile.

Agile means having agility in each act means moving as quickly as possible. So in simple terms, Agile is an approach to act quickly on something. We can say Agile is Project Management Philosophy.

So in terms of business, Agile Methodology stands for responding quickly to changes in marketplace and workplace trends. Obviously, to adapt to quick changes in workplace, organizational change is inevitable.

In this methodology, business owner needs to focus on a series of techniques to keep the organization agile. This can be achieved by improving communication, collaboration, continuous delivery and responsiveness to change. Also regularly examine their practices and processes to ensure they are conducive to optimal employee engagement, morale and performance.

Another important aspect of Agile Methodology is breaking down business processes into specific tasks and prioritizing which business projects need to be completed first.

Since Agile Methodology is a vast subject, I am trying to highlight major points in view of Small Businesses.

Following may be few of the important aspects and steps of Agile Methodology from a small business point of view.

  • Setting up business goals
  • SWOT analysis
  • Collaboration of all employees
  • Excellent communication internally and to customer
  • Breaking down business process and making small Cross-Functional Teams for it
  • Setting up frequent and routine communication channels like meetings, calls, broadcast, etc. to keep all employees updated on business status and goals and changes in Marketplace.
  • Routine brainstorming on business challenges and updating SWOT
  • Involving employees in decision making
  • Empowering business heads for all quick changes to meet changes in Marketplace

While there are many such action items, I tried to mention only important aspects in view of small businesses.

I hope my Entrepreneur friends may use this information in their business to survive in this Pandemic situation.