Blockchain to Embrace the Future of Homo-Robo Sapiens – Tech Mahindra


News at a glance

  • Tech Mahindra is building a new Blockchain protocol named Eleven01/1101 under Made in India campaign.
  • Tech Mahindra participates in public blockchains which are pertinent to G2C services, large scale Peer to Peer joint collaborations that impersonate MMOG (massively multiple online groups) which are geographically widespread.
  • Last year, Tech Mahindra signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Telangana State IT, Electronics and Communication department in order to launch India’s first Blockchain district, a Center of Excellence for Blockchain in Telangana.
  • “In a multi-planetary machine society, where self-actualization covers machine consciousness too, a decentralized autonomous organization which runs on Blockchain will fulfil the needs. Currently, the security risks involved in Blockchain are not on its own accord but owing to susceptibility of infrastructure like servers, network elements that support Blockchain applications to Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Most of this infrastructure is centralized in nature which makes it vulnerable to DDoS that aim to bring down centralized infrastructure through attacks from multiple vectors. Blockchain, in contrast, promotes decentralized infrastructure. If one point is attacked and brought down, the other points contribute to the continuity of services”, said Rajesh Dhuddu, Global practice leader- Blockchain, Tech Mahindra.
  • Tech Mahindra uses a framework called Block Ecosystem that consists of various levers such as Block Engage, Block Talks, Block Studio, Block Accelerate, Block Geeks, Block Access & Block Value which creates leading applications that are framed on innovation and human excellence in order to unlock value for the stakeholders.