Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Welcome to SCMBlockchain – Season 1!

In this dynamically changing world, expectations out of supply chains are becoming more precise and boards are demanding higher productivity, thus driving complexity in the SCM structure, talent and technology requirements.

BlockchainSCM is a platform on CPO Innovation focussed on Blockchain and its relevant potential and diversified applicabilities in supply chain industry. This campaign brought to you by CPO Innovation and Koinearth will not only look at the cutting edge technology based insights that are now available to the SCM function, it will also highlight available viable strategies and success stories to bring in deep SCM visibility through a combination of Blockchains, AI & IoT.

The modern supply chain continues to pursue extra cost savings, superior transparency, and efficiency in all processes. While huge, centralized systems have been created to manage the flow of goods and data, one problem still remains. The data can be changed from its original form, causing some to feel that the supply chain is not being fully transparent with the supply, manufacturing, and logistics processes. However, there is a new technology that possesses the potential to change how the supply chain communicates and operates – Blockchain Technology.

At a time when digitization and automation are challenging traditional SCM jobs and roles, this content campaign is designed to give you expert perspectives, tips and tools to become a future- ready SCM professional.

In this season of SCMBlockchain, we take a look at how Blockchain is leveraging supply chain and how its implementation in supply chain and logistics industry will help in bringing increased transparency and higher profitability.

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