Build Your Career Brick by Brick – Create a Niche for Yourself!!

Career is not about the Law of Averages, one has to invest time to reap the results.

My subordinates keep asking me why I am not getting rewards proportionate to my hard work, I keep saying that it is always disproportionate to the results.

You start your career and work 18 hours a day, get a 10-15K salary, then start delivering results, Boss sees a spark in you, gives you additional responsibility and you take the growth path, work hard, harder and harder and smarter and grow to the next level, then your salary grows and grows exponentially higher and higher, then you start working 8-10 hours a day and salary multiplies, this should be the path one should be taking for better prospects.

Never say that I will not take responsibility because there is no salary!! It’s a question of time to test your genuinity. Take as much responsibility as you can and build your skillset.

You have to learn and earn your salary, First deserve and then desire

Disproportionate results are waiting for one who is willing to take more responsibility.

Guys, with my little experience sharing something which I thought, is interesting, try creating a career grid for yourself in the following sequence:

  • Knowledge/Skill sets (Education gives you the knowledge, skillset enhances your capabilities).
  • Keep Learning and look for new opportunities to develop yourself.
  • Keep taking additional Responsibilities without asking for additional compensation.
  • Evolve into a Leader, start inspiring people by leading from the front.
  • Create a Niche role for yourselves (but develop people under you so that you can develop yourselves) – Do not hold on to something.
  • Grow your career by adding and taking new responsibilities into your CART.
  • Develop Networking skills, do not be alone.
  • Play to your strengths, but identify your weakness and work to improve on the same as well.
  • Build your Career Brick, Block by Block and Earning would be the result of all the above and not only earning, you will evolve into a better personality as well.

Sequence Summary (Knowledge- Skillset- Learning- Opportunity- Responsibility- Leadership- Niche Value add role- Growth- Networking skills – Play to your strengths – Keep improving – Earning)

Let me draw an analogy between Cricket and Career 

I always believed that one can learn a lot of things from watching cricket to get a perspective out of it.

India is a population of 1 Bn plus and we have a set of 11 players being given an opportunity to represent India. Wow, what an opportunity. Do you think it’s easy and once the opportunity is given, how many people hold on to it. This requires relentless amount of commitment. Right attitude, ability to continuously upgrade your skills and stay relevant in the team by adding value. Obviously I strongly believe that luck follows hard work.

Apply the same to Corporate, on one side people say it’s not very easy to get the right job, on the other hand, it’s extremely hard to find the right talent and of course with the right attitude.

Don’t you think once you get a job, it’s important to occupy a prominent place in the team, take additional responsibility, continuously upgrade your skillsets and be a strong part of the Top Corporate Playing XI) and add value to yourself and to the organization.

Act responsibly!!

All the best!