Container line group sets track and trace standards


The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA), a non-profit group, which is made up of nine major ocean freight carriers including eight of the top 10 container lines, has published track and trace standards in an effort to unify information alongside furthering digitalization goals. The group, which membership represents 70% of the global container market, said that carriers, shippers and third parties will be able to use the track and trace standards to “enable cross-carrier shipment tracking”.

The purpose of the DCSA was to create digital standards and “quickly overcome the pain points in the industry” including the fact that ocean carriers have often been notoriously slow to digitalize and have often struggled to collaborate with one another. However, the introduction of the track and trace standards sees the DCSA meet its goal of creating digital standards and according to the group “set[s] new standards for collaboration” within the industry.

According to the DCSA the work doesn’t stop with the track and trace standards, with the group noting that this was just one of many initiatives that will be used “to transform inefficient practices and accelerate digitalization”.