Covid19: A reminder of the power of HOPE

Covid19: A reminder of the power of HOPE

“The only thing more contagious than a virus is hope.”

– Admiral William McRaven

In the midst of this unprecedented health crisis, the only thing worth hanging onto apart from loved ones & yourself is hope.

Hope of transforming our lives by balancing work, family & nature. This crisis is forcing us to think of others, i.e., family, neighbours, community & nature. In the mad race that we have all been running till now, we have been running without reviewing if we have been traveling with balance, achieving desired goals without hurting anyone.

If you are too busy driving to stop for gas – eventually it will catch up with you and here we are forced to be in isolation. As we sit remotely, working from home, we have been given a chance to forge empathetic connections with each other, to fight the unknown looming in front of us. As this scare crisis, call it whatever you will, blows over, settles down, we will emerge wiser, stronger, less selfish, more sensitive & stronger.

This will translate into the workplace being an extended family, where ruthless pursuits will be tempered with reason & sensitiveness. Boundaries will have vanished. People will be trusted to work as productively at home as in the office. When offices become boundary-less, commutes get reduced, nature will breathe more freely, will regain its hold. This will positively impact our thoughts & energy.

This crisis will foster strong bonds & unity which will translate into more productivity as we all view each other to be as vulnerable or strong as the other. Jobs will not be taken for granted. Having food on the table being paid for by the salary one brings home will foster more respect for the work & the workplace.

Let us press the reset button & emerge stronger with nature & each other.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!