DHL to Expand ‘Vision Picking’ with Next-gen Google Glass

  • DHL is expanding its augmented reality (AR) based “vision picking” program to its warehouses worldwide using the latest version of Google’s smart glasses.
  • The vision picking pilot program was launched in 2015. It uses smart glasses to give workers a heads up display that enables them to locate, scan, sort, and move inventory without needing a handheld scanner or referencing hard-copy forms.
  • The global expansion of the program is part of DHL’s global digital supply chain strategy, which currently uses portable equipment, drones, autonomous vehicles and other technologies to improve storage and delivery operations.
  • “The possibility of object recognition is also particularly promising for us in industrial applications,” said Markus Voss, COO and CIO of DHL Supply Chain “With the corresponding software, it is no longer just possible to read out barcodes, locate products and display the corresponding storage compartment; in future also, complex objects can be identified with the smart glasses.”
  • As technology evolves and users become more efficient, the increasing incorporation of digital wearables and process automation devices could reduce the need for human labor.