Thursday, 26 November, 2020

As healthcare providers face one of the biggest humanitarian crisis – Covid19 Pandemic, they also face unprecedented stress (both individually and institutionally) around the world. The immediate response to the crisis is causing seismic shifts in terms of ‘How’ & ‘Where’ care is provided.

CEOs and leaders of healthcare industry are dealing with unprecedented levels of demand in their hospitals and grappling with questions about how to provide optimal care to their patients. They are also facing pressing questions about what the future of healthcare provision may look like once the crisis is over.

The pharmaceutical industry response to covid19 will remain a priority for an anticipated 18 to 24 months, as countries implement phased relaxations and certain restrictions to suppress the virus, expand testing and treatment capacity and find better therapies.

For many industries, the covid-19 pandemic is bringing about new ways of thinking, collaborating and operating businesses. And the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. The 2-hours discussion on ‘Pharma’s Path To Recovery & The New Normalcy’ will focus on cutting-edge, revolutionary strategies on how to minimize the disruptions to the new normal business and ensure that existing patients have access to the care and treatments they needed before the crisis. Here are some of the complex problems that the industry will need to solve as we continue along the path to a “new normal”.

● To ensure that online encounters meet customers’ covid19 needs.
● Many patients are at home, experiencing disruptions to routine care and worried about exposure.
● Patient and provider needs will continue to change as the covid19 unfolds. Determining how to help without knowing how long this phase will last will be an ongoing challenge.


  • Being at the forefront, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry is helping lead the battle against the Covid19 pandemic, while at the same time being transformed by it. How are the industries changing?
  • As increased adoption of digital tools, telehealth and app-based ecosystems make patient-level data available, how will organizations adapt their operating models and who will be the driver of change?
  • What role the government will play in the future supply & inventory needs?
  • For the new normal, what should be the ongoing focus for the pharma industry?
  • How companies will unlock the future of digital experiences in pharmaceutical and healthcare industry?


Dr Rashmi Hegde
Vice President Medical
Cipla Pharmaceuticals

Gautam Khanna
Chief Executive Officer
P.D. Hinduja Hospital & MRC India

Dr. Gaurav Thukral
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
HealthCare atHOME, India Pvt. Ltd

Badrinarayan Srikanth
Group Chief Financial Officer
Starcare Hospital, Oman

Deepak Mansukhani
Senior Director – Strategy, Business development and Alliances – Cipla international

Sathya Sunder Madatheri
CEO & Director
Lifetech Scientific India Pvt. Ltd.

Indranil Roy Choudhury
President & Head – Pathology Business
Medall Healthcare Pvt. Ltd

Mayurakshi Ray
Chief Compliance Officer
GeBBS Healthcare Solutions


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