A few banks are generating significant bottom-line impact from their digital investments. These leaders share a relentless focus on applying productivity gains as broadly as possible across the organization.

For the past five years or more, banks have invested billions of dollars in efforts to digitize operations. However, some financial institutions are aware that their digital efforts are underperforming. Nearly 50 percent around the world say that their latest digital investments are failing to generate returns greater than the costs of capital. And few banks are generating $1 billion—or even $500 million—in annual bottom-line impact from their digital transformations.

We will be discussing the following questions during the chat:

1. According to you, what are the characteristics of “benchmark banks”?
2. What are the challenges that bank executives address before they kick off a digital transformation?
3. ‘Digitization of the front-end customer experience is, of course, an important part of any bank’s offering today; but alone, it will not be a source of long-term competitive advantage.’ Comment your views.
4. How should a bank set productivity levels for its individual units in order to become a ‘benchmark bank’?
5. What should be the most important priorities of an organization’s digital strategy?

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