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Beyond Covid19 – The Future of Finance

Businesses across the globe are facing one of the biggest challenges in recent memory, the social and economic impact caused by Covid19.

The trajectory of every business has changed in 2020. Regardless of size or sector, the fast-growth, mid-market firms that thrive – rather than merely survive – will be those able to continue adapting and building a platform for the future. This agility of action and willingness to embrace change is what marks out mid-market resilience.

Forward-looking CFOs are already thinking about how the impacts of the pandemic can be used as a transformational and positive force for change across organizations and within the finance function.

This 1-hour tweetchat will discuss how Finance is coping today and what strategies Finance as a function should consider to come out of this crisis stronger, making a resilient Finance in a post-pandemic world.

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:

Q1: As businesses have responded to the global crisis, what have been the principal focus areas of their finance division?

Q2: What finance strategies are required to align with board/senior management objectives?

Q3: What are the areas of concern regarding companies ‘third-party risks’?

Q4: In what ways did the pandemic change the role of finance?

Q5: Looking ahead to 2021 and beyond, what do you think will be the key areas Finance needs to prioritize?

Log into your Twitter account, join us @CPOInnovation #cfostory and tweet your views on Beyond Covid19 – The Future of Finance with other industry leaders from 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM IST on December 11, 2020.

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