Tuesday, 7 April, 2020


The real purpose of digital transformation is to deliver new experiences from scratch. It should be a holistic experience that looks at various elements.

Digital transformation looks at modern behaviors, expectations, business model and what technology makes possible and allows you to rethink and build from scratch. True digital transformation also looks at possibilities, not just older uses cases. This can lead you to look at individual tools such as displays rather than the actual system.

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:

Q1: What are some of the biggest challenges in orchestrating digital transformation in supply chain & procurement division?

Q2: What are the key elements for successful digital transformation?

Q3: How organizations can effectively engage their teams in the transformation?

Q4: What should be the organization’s vision for the new decade for bringing digitalization?

Q5: How digital officers should define their role for 2020 to encompass digital transformation in their organizations.

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07 Feb 2020


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