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Building an Agile-Framework for the ‘Remote-First Organization’

Building an Agile-Framework for the ‘Remote-First Organization’

Today the world is at an inflection point. Beyond causing immense loss of lives and livelihood, the COVID-19 pandemic has also disrupted our established and entrenched ways of working. Most business enterprises are today operating with a largely remote workforce and business partners. While enterprises may have been shocked into this way of working, it’s clear that the “new normal” will include a permanent change in how businesses collaborate within their internal teams and with external partners.

Over the past few years and until the recent crisis, organizations were fast adopting “Scaled and Distributed Agile” to enable digital transformation. This meant that business, technology, product and design teams were able to interact, iterate and innovate to transform the business. Agile delivery model necessitated teams to interact at higher frequency and proximity to build cultural and business empathy between them. This ensured faster delivery of innovation and better business agility.

With the emergence of the ‘new normal’, physical proximity will either be unavailable or severely limited. However, organizations will also need to accelerate their digital transformation journeys in the post-Covid world. Thus, arises the need for a remote execution framework that can orchestrate distributed agile for teams across the globe.

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:

Q1: With workplaces becoming remote and distributed, what are some of the common challenges that organizations and their agile teams are facing?

Q2: What role would a digital agile framework play in a project and what are the benefits that it offers to an organization?

Q3: What are some of the key factors organizations can consider while framing a virtual agile model for a distributed workforce?

Q4: With many different forms of agile execution frameworks, can a single virtual model be applicable to all organizations, or is a custom-tailored version required for each agile philosophy?

Q5: How will agile teams across the globe continue with their digital transformation, given severely limited physical proximity of team members?

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