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09 Aug 2019


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm


Emerging digital and advanced analytics tools promise new levels of procurement performance. To deliver that promise, CPOs must discover which of them are best suited to the needs of their company.

For businesses, big data and advanced analytics will have profound implications: in raising data-driven decision making to a new level, helping companies to generate new insights, and enabling them to collaborate at scale. Imagine a procurement team so deeply connected to every tier of its supply base that it has access to all relevant data on cost structures, supply availability, lead times, financial and operational risks, and service and quality metrics. This procurement team would be well-positioned to negotiate the “right” prices, instantaneously adapt its own planning, or switch to alternative suppliers in the event of supply shortages. It could even proactively help suppliers improve deteriorating quality levels by spotting problems earlier and identifying their root causes more accurately.

We will be discussing the following questions during the chat:

1. What measures CPOs should take in order to create greater procurement agility?
2. “Procurement-as-a-platform” is what digital procurement all about! Comment your views.
3. As procurement taps into various external data sources, like supply-market-specific time-series data for commodities, currency & inflation rates, tax and tariff data or supplier solvency data, how do companies create real value from this data?
4. What steps can procurement take in supporting the digitization of businesses to maximize cost performance?
5. What are the key areas on which procurement leaders should work in order to define an approach that ensures timely, smooth & effective deployment of RPA technologies?

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