Tuesday, 2 March, 2021

Galvanizing Procurement & Supply Chain in 2020 – Learning from Past!

The Tweetchat is titled, “Galvanizing Procurement & Supply Chain in 2020 – Learning from Past!” and intends to put emphasis on learning from the past year, to make your supply chain ready for 2020! How to give supply chain the best start in 2020!

The focus on supply chain (workforce competence, technology, procurement, logistics) continues to gain attention. There is an unprecedented opportunity for procurement and supply chain professionals not just to influence the future development of business but to also shape it. From Tech to Government led initiatives, there has been a lot of changes and challenges we have faced last year. And Is our action plan ready for the first 60 Days on track?

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:
1. What can become a New year supply chain resolution for you that you may put in practice this year?
2. Do you have a documented supply chain strategy in place for 2020? If Yes, What has changed from 2019? If no, do you think your business performance suffers as a result?
3. How predictive are our future supply chains? What tools are most helpful?
4. How can blockchain in future help build more sustainable supply chains?
5. Supply Chain is a line function and not a support function (How to convince Board Rooms about the same in 2020?)
6. 2020 will see huge Investment in technology as mandatory. Payback depends on the ability of the organizations to absorb and implement technology (How do we enable people to calculate payback on investment in technology?)

For procurement and supply chain professionals, the future really is exciting; are you ready?


10 Jan 2020


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm




CPO Innovation

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