Tuesday, 29 September, 2020

How Traditional Financial Institutions can Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption

Rapidly advancing technologies, evolving customer expectations and a changing regulatory landscape are opening doors to disruptive innovation in financial services. From crypto-currencies to big data to peer-to-peer lending, financial technologies (FinTechs) innovations have captured the attention and imagination of customers, investors and incumbents.

Disruptive innovation is here to stay, creating clear threats to the traditional structure of the financial world, but also opportunities for positive change and growth. The challenge: the traditional financial services industry is struggling to understand which innovations will be the most relevant, as well as figuring out the evolutionary path of emerging innovations and the specific implications of those evolutions on existing institutions.

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:

Q1: What are the key challenges traditional financial services firms are facing today?

Q2: What opportunities do these new digital innovative technologies create for traditional firms?

Q3: What are the emerging disruptive technologies coming into this sector?

Q4: What is the role of millennials in shaping the financial services technology landscape?

Q5: What should be the top 5 current priorities for major financial services incumbents?

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