20 Sep 2019


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Is Procurement Bot-Able?

The last few years have seen a lot of real (and over) hype associated with the emergence of Software Robots (called Bots/Bot) which are disrupting the legacy procurement processes involving human interface.

The strategic interfaces in procurement planning, strategy, performance management and relationship building will continue to be human-centric but will increasingly rely on the Bots to support them with structured knowledge readily available.

Bots will have a high appeal on the transactional and digital side of procurement processes and will gain exponential growth in the coming years with the advent of cognitive and machine learning tools.

We will be discussing the following questions during the chat:

1. How is Procurement “Bot-able”?
2. How Can Supplier Management be “Bot-able”?
3. Which areas of Procurement are more “Bot-able”?
4. What are the several ways through which Contracting can be “Bot-able”?
5. According to you which part of Procurement cannot be “Bot-able”?

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