Thursday, 9 July, 2020
Managing Technology & Procurement Performance for Business Growth

Managing Technology & Procurement Performance for Business Growth

Procurement Performance Management is wide-ranging in terms of expected outputs: cost optimization, of course, but also suppliers-, risk-, stakeholder-management, innovation. It generally starts with cost reduction. Far from being something bad, this is often an enabler, a first step in the maturity curve to obtain the means and credibility to grow to more value-adding areas.

PPM will help you up procurement’s game with upper management across the entire organization. Now, you can create a strategic value (cost savings + innovation) that puts Procurement at the heart of a company’s profitability.

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:

Q1: Why do we tend to gravitate towards what is shiny and new in procurements?

Q2: Now as we get access to more data, how can we better measure and report procurement value?

Q3: Given the expanded use of machine learning in business analysis and in monitoring processes, do you expect that greater automation will bring greater data? Will this change the way we manage procurement performance, or will this largely be something we track separately from our activity to look at impact, progress, making a difference, etc.?

Q4: What kind of recommendations do you give to someone who is thinking about where to start in their investment in procurement technology?

Q5: What’s one habit that one can implement in his/her daily procurement lives to be more productive?

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