Thursday, 3 December, 2020
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Navigating Logistics & Warehouse Challenges of Covid19 Outbreak

In just a small span of time, the coronavirus outbreak has had a major impact worldwide. While some organizations have managed to find ways to maintain productivity, others are still struggling to ensure business continuity. In response to coronavirus outbreak, some businesses are developing contingency plans for their logistics and warehousing networks, while others are adapting strategic initiatives.

Disruptions happen. Leading logistics and warehousing organizations utilize enhanced risk management processes. They include a framework to continuously measure key risk indicators and to prepare scenarios for controllable and foreseeable uncertainties such as compliance, labor, material, capacity and financial issues.

Epidemics and pandemics present a different scenario. The main impact is a lack of access to staff, decreased productivity and a change in public behavior in terms of shopping practices and spending. The full impact of coronavirus on logistics and warehousing might not become obvious until sometime in the next few months and beyond. However, supply chain and logistics leaders should take initial steps now to monitor and prepare for the impact on their value chain.

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:

Q1: What are the key challenges logistics and warehouse industry is facing due to covid19 outbreak?

Q2: How will visualization software help the supply networks of tomorrow?

Q3: What measures organizations can take to navigate the risk of pandemic on logistics?

Q4: What are the key drivers of future logistics and warehousing post-covid19?

Q5: Is there any silver lining to the current crisis for logistics & warehouse industry?

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