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Open Innovation: Inspire for a Better Tomorrow

Open Innovation — A collaborative approach that plays to the strengths of all companies involved and can produce creative, unexpected solutions. It’s a kind of collaboration that’s worth pursuing whether or not you’re in a crisis. Making it work, however, requires that companies: momentarily put aside traditional concerns over IP to focus on other approaches to creating value; leverage their partners’ motivations effectively to maintain a productive working relationship; embrace new partners, and commit to the projects they pursue through open innovation to reap their benefits. This approach can be extremely fruitful, and not just in the middle of a crisis.

In 2020, we found ourselves in a world defined by a daunting array of global challenges – from covid19 to climate change, economic recession to technological disruption, social unrest to cyber-threats. As we look forward to the new decade, how can we – society, governments, businesses, individuals – generate innovative responses to these challenges?

This 1-hour LinkedIn chat will focus on innovative strategies that can be used to address the daunting global challenges we face. It will also address an important question: How do we spark the inspiration and hope that will drive our collective innovation efforts to build a better world?

We will be discussing the following questions during the chat:

Q1: What are the most significant challenges both well-known and less anticipated likely to confront business over the next decade?

Q2: What are some successful examples of businesses using open innovation to transform such challenges into opportunities?

Q3: How important is collaboration among individuals, businesses, countries to innovation?

Q4: Should businesses start the innovation development process with technology roadmap or customer experience map?

Q5: Can social benefits such as sustainability, improved healthcare, social equality as well as economic value inspire and drive innovation?

Log into your LinkedIn account, follow CPO Innovation Group, join us using #cpoinnovation and comment your views on Open Innovation: Inspire for a Better Tomorrow with industry leaders from 03:00 PM – 04:00 PM IST on Feb 26, 2021.

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26 Feb 2021


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