Saturday, 15 August, 2020

Reinvention of Procurement through (IoT)

Over the past year, the Internet of Things (IoT) has become a buzzword in business, technology and B2B/B2C commerce and IoT is leading the ‘Change in Industry’.

The IoT has already caught on in everyday use. Many people outside of the business and technology worlds generally know what it is and how it can improve their lives. For example, home appliances and security systems can also be controlled through mobile applications and many utility companies can now measure meters remotely rather than dispatch technicians to manually collect the data. Smart refrigerators, smartwatches and smart/connected cars – the IoT makes all these possible. It has offered consumers a whole host of innovative solutions to make their living easy and comfortable.

We will be discussing the following questions during the chat:

Q1: What significant opportunities procurement industry holds for IoT technology?
Q2: How device-enablement platforms – connecting devices, cloud providers & applications for optimal processing in IoT settings are a notable source of growth & value in procurement sector?
Q3: What does IoT & its applications mean for enterprise procurement teams?
Q4: How IoT will help procurement team improve catalog content and spend management?
Q5: ‘If procurement cannot harness the power of Big Data, it may not maximize the true value of IoT.’ Comment your views.

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Join us @CPOInnovation #TSC2019 Tweet Chat, which will be a precursor to the Tech Supply Chain Conference, Exposition & Awards 2019 on the 19th – 20th September 2019 in Mumbai.

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