Tuesday, 25 February, 2020

The Future of Procurement

Procurement, as a function is going through transformation since a long time. From being a service function dedicated to converting Purchase Requisitions to Purchase Orders, it graduated into a strategic function that operated in absence of a requisition. Almost 70% of all costs fall in this domain and what to buy, when to buy and from whom to buy are crucial questions that determine long-term costs.

To tweet your views on The Future of Procurement log in your Twitter account. Join us @CPOInnovation #TSC2019 and tweet your views with other Industry leaders at 3pm- 4pm on 5th April.

This Tweet Chat which will be a precursor to the Tech Supply Chain Conference & Exposition on the 11th – 12th April 2019, in Bangalore.

In this Tweet Chat we’ll discuss about The Future of Procurement-

1. How implementing Technology helps in cost optimization and risk minimization in Procurement?
2. According to you, What factors influence Procurement 4.0?
3. Will procurement exist by 2025 or CFOs will take over?
4. Negotiation plays a vital role today. Can digitization help in Negotiation?
5. With the advanced tools and techniques the manual work is getting reduced, Is it a sign of losing your job in near future?

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