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LinkedIn Chat - 16 Oct 20

Transformation, Technology & Risk in a Changing Financial Services Landscape

Digital transformation: Innovation’s holy grail. Today, it’s nearly impossible to walk into a boardroom, client meeting, or innovation brainstorm without hearing the phrase bandied about at least once, twice, or—more likely—a dozen times.

The rise of FinTech companies and solutions over the past five years has led to a completely new and transformed financial services landscape. Changing customer expectations, cutthroat competition, increasing regulatory complexity, the pressure to streamline operations, and other factors are driving the push for reinvention and innovation. A new era of open banking has enabled systems to quickly and seamlessly integrate with new platforms and applications. Physical banks and paper systems are quickly being replaced by robust networked digital ecosystems.

The digital transformation journey can be challenging. While some organizations have digital transformation in their DNA, the majority will need considerable foresight and planning. They will need to shed old habits, update cultural norms, upskill their employees, and adjust their way of thinking to become a digital business.

We will be discussing following questions during the chat:

Q1: What is the importance of Technology Resiliency in Finance?

Q2: The Financial Services industry buzz today is all about digital, FinTechs, Blockchain and data & analytics being the answers to the industry’s need for re-invention. Where do you see them going in the coming years?

Q3: AI is one of the increasingly elicits strong points of view regarding benefits and risks in the finance industry. What are the use cases of AI in Financial Services and what other new innovative technologies are coming to improve the business?

Q4: What should be the top priorities for Finance industry over the next 1-3 years in terms of digital transformation?

Q5: Considering the progress this industry has made, what do you see as the areas that most need further attention and what steps can the industry take to further reduce these risks?

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