Tuesday, 25 February, 2020


Centric to Supply Chain Management, firm’s come across major issues, one key challenge being lack of crystal communication and transparency. Hence, increasing accountability for all the middlemen is a priority. With blockchain’s distributed ledgers, this issue can be resolved. Blockchain ledgers are immutable and all the valid transactions are appended with a timestamp which can help in auditing and reducing data theft. Blockchain can improve regulatory compliance, reduce paperwork and help cut cost significantly.

By excluding an intermediary, the integrated blockchain technology also allows for minimizing or eliminating the counterparty risks, as well as reducing overhead costs, transaction time, and the related fees.

We will be discussing the following questions during the chat:

1. How Blockchain will help create trust in end-to-end value chain by bringing ecosystem of vendors, companies and customers on one platform?
2. How Blockchain will improve transparency in supply chain management?
3. How Blockchain along with IoT and Machine Learning will create automated and analytics-driven supply chain process?
4. How Blockchain will impact RTALS (Recording, Tracking, Assigning, Linking & Sharing) during supply chain process?

Login your Twitter account, join us @CPOInnovation #TSC2019 and tweet your views on “VALUE CHAIN PLANNING WITH BLOCKCHAIN” with other Industry leaders at 3pm-4pm on 24th April.

This Tweet Chat which will be a precursor to the Tech Supply Chain Conference, Exposition & Awards 2019 on the 19th – 20th September 2019, at Novotel Juhu Beach, Mumbai.

For any queries, please contact event host:

Sejal Gupta
Content Marketing Manager
Board: 0120 42969 52
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CPO Innovation

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3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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