Give AI Back To Society

Border shutdowns may provide ephemeral solutions to this pandemic virus across the globe. However, how can we vanquish this deadly situation and preserve ourselves in the future? Do we have enough defense mechanisms to make way for a better future? The answer is YES!

The entire world has been warring against COVID-19 and AI plays a vital role in finding the vaccine. Several applications of AI in this situation are in the implementation stage and others are at the testing level. For example, self-driving trucks, the futuristic autonomous driving system with the help of radar sensors, cameras, lidar sensors, deep learning visual algorithms, and SLAM technologies, were recently tested by for a three-day trip where it was found that these kinds of trucks can be utilized to carry food and medicines for quarantine purpose. Food shortage due to borders close down will lead to starvation that can be overcome by these autonomous vehicles.

Alongside this, driverless electric shuttle cars should be deployed as public transport in this kind of situation. Autonomous mobility solution company, Beep, tested its “Robo-Ride” that is pre-programmed with a fixed route enabled by advanced technology without steering wheel. In this case, human involvement can be minimized. Besides, unmanned ships and self-landing plans are in the testing phase that can be resourceful, once those state of the art technology is ready to be put into action. Moreover, healthcare bot services are already in practice by some healthcare organizations namely, Aurora Health Care and Premera Blue Cross, among others. Handling individuals at a large scale will be difficult if only a few organizations incorporate this conversational AI. This bot services should be made necessary for all government healthcare centers to serve the citizens seamlessly.

On the other hand, the DiDi AI team has come up with a face mask detection technology system which is useful to find out unmasked people in the crowd. This aids to combat the COVID19 with simultaneous face and hand tracking which is being developed through mediapipe and TensorFlow. In doing so, sanitizing those places where most people place their hands will curtail the spreading of this epidemic disease.

In addition to this, “Trace Together” is a mobile app which just collects mobile number from the user to trace the infected person’s geolocation. Under the circumstances where the user is in close proximity with infected people, this app will notify the user to stay away keeping the required social distance. This is now available for Singapore citizens to avoid escalating this virus. Additionally, some apps are under development to detect the genuine travel history of the infected individual, location details, proximity contact details, etc.

The war against modern advanced pandemics is only possible if we truly embrace the use of AI and Robotics actively, letting aside the fear of self-destruction and job loss. The future is now.


This article is co-authored by Dr. Raul Villamarin Rodriguez and Satheesh Kumar M, Woxsen School of Business.