Goal Setting and Leadership Building!

Goal Setting & Leadership Building

A picture of achievable goals is set by many people for us. People from our community and those who’ve accomplished their goals set benchmarks. However, what happens with one does not become a trend. The simple reason is that each one of us is built with a different DNA and characteristics that we use to make our choices. Our interests, existing skills and aptitude provide framework on which to build our goals. And these are always different for every individual.

The clash comes when there is well-meaning but uncalled for intervention. Comparison to what others have done and succeed in leads to pressure. And losing one’s self-purpose. This often leads to wrong choices and deters us from finding true purpose, leading us to follow paths set by others.

  • If everyone is right, then who is wrong?
  • What follows is dissatisfaction and losing of our personality. We end up questioning our existence and introspect to find out ‘true north’!

What is of key importance here is not emulating the path of successful people, but developing those characteristics/skills that successful people and leaders have to achieve our own unique goals:

  • Purpose
  • Planning
  • People Skills
  • Persistence
  • Poise

Means to the End

These characteristics and qualities can be incorporated, further honed and shared to achieve our goals. Now, let’s discuss how goals come into existence. They can be broken down into abstract and concrete goals. Abstract goals can be defined as those plans till we get a clearer picture of what we really want to achieve. They are just an assessment phase and give us a sense of direction to our concrete goals. Establishing concrete goals involves making a plan and logically breaking it down into an actionable to-do list. These define our short-term and long-term goals.

Shorter-term goals are those that we can attain in the near future, in preparation for our life’s very purpose (long-term goals). More often than not, they are related to what legacy we want to leave behind.

Goal Setting for a Greater Leap

Establishing goals that provide setting goals provide the base on which to build and enrich our lives. Achieving each milestone towards these goals imbues pride in our parents and mentors and makes us even more focused. This gives us the confidence to face challenges, test our skills and know our pain points.

The essentials of our performance, the way we work towards our goals depend on three main factors which dictate the trajectory we take.

  • EQ or Emotional Quotient relates to how our heart and body react to situations and external stimuli and how we feel. EQ identifies with the will to do things.
  • IQ or Intelligence Quotient relates to our ability to solve rational problems and achieve defined tasks and is indicative of our POTENTIAL to achieve our goals.
  • Lastly, SQ or the Spiritual Quotient defines our very purpose – the WHY behind what we do.
  • To make an impact, make it personal! Be the first to do it and not the no. 1.

How do our Goals get Shaped?

For most of us, our goals are a manifestation of why we communicate with our environment and our experiences within it. When we expose ourselves to the elements, we shape our perceptions and our thought process. Our survival instincts kick in. Our environment constitutes the people we interact with, in every facet of our lives. In school or places of learning, our peers, teachers and mentors are the biggest influencers.

At workplace, we look up to the person whose position we eventually want to reach. The stakeholders at various rungs of the department or organization also shape our thought process. And of course, the society at large, our community, friends circle and family play a critical role. Often our family members and family situations propel us to evaluate our standing and formulate our goals.

  • Mindfulness about these key elements help us focus on the right decisions for our career and life.
  • Strengths will help us take advantage of important opportunities and use our EQ, SQ and IQ to the best of our capabilities. We become resourceful, creative and strong-minded.
  • Conversely, being aware of weaknesses is the first step to working towards them and also seeking support in areas where needed. This step is imperative to accomplish goals.
  • Strengths need to be enhanced and further developed to achieve maximum potential. And how is this done?
  • Knowledge is the key to building skills that are relevant to achieving your goals.
  • However, the best knowledge is gained at meccas of learning which are schools/universities and then tested at workplace. Both forums are unique not just because of their excellent curriculum and environment, but because they have The Best mentors in the world, who’ve tested their skills and believe in “Learn…Share…Grow”!

And it is important to start early. The formative years are the pathway that allows for flexible execution and course correction to ensure that you stay on your path. Last but not the least, shrink your environment and be humbly bold. Good Luck!