Govt approves use of VSATs to offer better connectivity to soldiers in remote areas

Department of Telecommunications has approved the use of very small aperture terminal (VSAT) to improve internet connectivity for soldiers posted in remote locations.

VSAT is a two-way satellite ground station which is used in military and naval applications to improve communication in remote locations. VSAT, which transmits and receives data from satellites, is less than three meters tall and is capable of sending and receiving both narrow and broadband data to satellites in real-time. The data once received by the satellites is then transmitted to other remote terminals or hubs around the planet. Multiple phones in a certain radius around the hub can be connected using these signals.

“For our jawans in defence, paramilitary and border roads organisation who are posted in remote locations and cut-off from families, DCC today approved the use of VSATs (very small aperture terminals), which we already have in an ongoing tender, and use the bandwidth which is available by locating these VSATs at 1409 locations,” Telecom Secretary Anshu Prakash said on Friday.