Home Smart Home: Internet of Things

Home Smart Home: Internet of Things

Shelter, one of the basic necessities of the human being, has been continuously revamping over the period of time. People used caves for their accommodation in primitive times when hunting was the main occupation, and then the civilization has shifted them to the culture of building man-made home which persists till now. With the emerging technologies and applications, home that has already been occupied by various electronic gadgets delivers comfort and convenience to the inhabitants. Nevertheless, information technology and communications systems have made an achievable platform that is all set to gear up the home automation.

Can a normal home be transformed to smart home?

Yes! It is possible with IOT. 

IOT comprises many wireless sensors that send signals to the network and radio-frequency identification device that acts as a signal reader and an information transmitter, which is really helpful to control devices used in the home. This technology observes the activities and behaviors of the occupants, acts as per their needs, and functions with the help of cloud technology to store the data. IOT not only controls and monitors the functions of the home devices, but also provides the pleasant environment for better living experience. The best part of this smart home is very minimal user interaction and at the same time, the user can gain the maximum experience from the surroundings.

Due to the smart grid solution, smart home can also incorporate this solution to get away voltage issue and overloads along with automatically functioning appliances. It is possible that people may be afraid of using this kind of technologies, because there is a high chance that the electricity consumption may get increased.

Again, the severity of this electricity consumption problem is mitigated by the technology by providing a systematic algorithm that can be used to help the user to schedule the electric appliances in order to decrease the electricity usage. Besides, the inhabitant can have a complete control over each room in the house with respect to electronic devices as well as can have a wonderful ambience with very less or no human interference.

There are various companies providing these services and several companies have started to promote the benefits of the smart home. For example, Nimbus Home, a high-end home automation company located in Denver, Colorada, delivers a good controlling interface whereby all the best products can be controlled without any difficulty. Recently, Google has announced that, it will conduct a virtual event regarding the features of smart home in July, 2020. This virtual event is a good initiative to create an awareness about the advantage of transforming homes into smart home. 

Though the smart technology is used to make smart home, hospitals should utilize this technology to become smart hospitals. During this pandemic, introduction of smart hospital will be resourceful to tackle this Covid-19, facilitating the doctors will have high impact in treating the patients. We do have a magnificent technology to serve the human better and the time is also demanding for these advanced outcomes. Hence, this is the most appropriate time to transform into a smart home with this state-of-the-art IOT. The Future is now.