How AI and ML are impacting Supply Chain and Logistics


The constantly growing focus on new age technologies and psycho-social influences along with an increased production rate has driven companies to fully concentrate on becoming more sophisticated by adopting efficient processing solutions which will give accurate and non-biased results of the analysis and delivery information leading to extraordinary quality standards and outstanding sales results.

On this note, let’s begin with the upcoming trend of SLAM technology, which stands for “simultaneous localization and mapping”. It is basically about a robot localizing itself in an unknown environment while simultaneously building a map of that environment for future use. From Google’s or Tesla’s autonomous car to the newly implemented Amazon’s drones, SLAM tech is not going away any time soon. In fact, the supply chain industry will not be able to exist without these advancements in the next decades.

From Visual Pattern Recognition to product damage and replacement everything leads to the decrease in operational costs and response time to customers due to the End-to-End Visibility AI-driven processes.

Technology is such a powerful and influential tool that George Orwell’s 1984 is not a dystopian view of the world anymore. China’s infamous social credit system is an AI-powered surveillance regime that violates human rights. Citizens can earn points for good deeds like volunteering, donating blood, or attracting investments to the city; “they can lose them for offenses like breaking traffic rules, evading taxes, or neglecting to care for their elderly parents. Their scores then affect their access to community welfare programs: high scorers receive benefits like free medical check-ups and discounts to heating bills; low scorers lose government subsidies or get barred from government jobs.” AI will be able to have a full-fledged report of your psycho-social profile where nothing will be left to imagination. Just like an open book, you will be exposed to the government’s system database in the largest data privacy blunder of our time. Because power is the key and it can only be obtained through data.

But this does not stop here. AI will also play God… Yes, you read it right. Artificial Intelligence is developing what can be called “predictive modelling behavior”, a pattern of predictions based on the current and possibly future geopolitical tendencies. Just in case you thought you were free, bear in mind that you are not. And you probably never were.
Similarly, the permanent and attractive use of chatbots and AI-driven assistants -namely Siri, Cortana or Alexa- allows the analysis of Big-Data in real-time facilitating social comprehension and adaptability to changing scenarios. For example, the use of Live Language Interpretation – Source-vector-interpretation – will allow these new technologies to provide a multi-culturally accurate language interpretation of not just words and expressions but even synergology inputs offering a tremendously deep non-bias observation of human beings.

You must be wondering how will all these “developments” affect the supply chain in a direct way. Well, simply remember that you are manufacturing and selling for humans. The equation is pretty simple:

Humans = Data = Knowledge = Quality = Sales Increase

Jobs will evaporate as swiftly as new ones are created. The trump card is to innovate and relearn as the new age takes place. Unlearn, learn, relearn.