How will Robots Disrupt the Workplace Structure?

Robots are undoubtedly here to stay as they facilitate various tasks that are often performed by human hands. According to the Davos report, at the World Economic Forum held in early 2019 one of the transformations that the fourth industrial revolution will bring will be reflected at the workplace.

French Labor Minister Muriel Pénicaud highlighted in the document the importance of including current workers in this transformation, allowing them to acquire new skills so that they can determine their future and not be victims of globalization and technology.

One of the many advantages of the technological revolution is that it will help reduce the workday, for this reason, we present four robots that will change the meaning of the term ‘work’ in the coming years.

1. CLOi SuitBot

LG, in addition to being characterized by the sale of televisions or smartphones, is also known for the manufacture of robots, such as the case of CLOi SuitBot. This robot first presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2018 and later, in an improved version, at CES 2019 where a prototype was shown that helps a worker to carry and support a greater weight.

Some robots of the firm are already in operation at airports and supermarkets, especially in Europe.

Perhaps in the future robots can perform such tasks as maintaining heavyweight support or even lifting packages, just as the SuitBot does but autonomously without the need for the human body.

2. Pepper

Can you imagine a cafeteria served by robots? If your answer is no, in Budapest there is a cafeteria called “Enjoy Budapest Cafe”, a place attended by robots that have different tasks: taking orders, serving coffee and bringing the orders to the customer’s table. Pepper is one of them, it is a French invention acquired by a Japanese company that generates a greater number of clients. This robot is already on the market and ranges between $ 1,895,419.50 and $ 2,231,884.50.

3. AI Assistant Doctor

Another sector that already has the help of robotics is medicine, AI Assistant Doctor is a medical robot developed by the Chinese firm iFlytek capable of remembering diagnoses and prescriptions of other doctors. The robot gained fame as it passed the bachelor exams to work as a doctor in 2017 in China.

4. Flippy

Gastronomy has also changed. Flippy is a robot that has the ability to cook at a great speed and maybe even faster than a human because in one hour it cooks around 300 hamburgers. This robot from the CaliBurger fast-food chain can separate the food when it is ready and leave it on trays for a human to continue with the preparation.

Will robots take over our jobs? Most certainly. However, they will enable us to develop our skills further.