If we can measure, we can improve – Experiments in hiring and technology

If we visualize the current industry trends in the Talent Attraction and associated Technology landscape innumerable experiments and working models have evolved in the very recent past.

Measurements influence both, the one being measured and the one who is measuring it. When we measure our activities the consciousness manifests by actions and influences the observer and the participants alike! In an ever-uncertain business environment facing and creating disruption, continuous observance/measurement to mitigate this risk as in the case of a Zeno Effect in Quantum Mechanics is a sure-fire way to walk a certain path towards sustainability and value creation.

This is even more evident in the experiments and rapid prototyping of hiring with the use of the state of art in technology we are witnessing. It surely is heralding a new dawn in practices with a science that is unfolding its best in human endeavor to augment talent. The imprint of technology bears heavily on organizations than at any other time in history. Technologies are reviving it up with so much gusto that, what was once a year or more activity now comes in modular builds with a plug and play transformation feature.

If we visualize the current industry trends in the Talent Attraction and associated Technology landscape innumerable experiments and working models have evolved in the very recent past. I try to bring to you some of those and the plausible impact that this might have on Talent supply chain across the globe.

Talent attraction as looked through the lens of sourcing not only the right fit but the one who carries a potential and does contribute. It’s an art that has ever looked ominous and consumed a lot of bandwidth and resources to generate positives, not anymore, one could use technology to sift and source these hidden gems quickly and push through the assessment funnel all in a matter of days with a scale in millions that is unmatched and getting better each passing moment. Today the potentials are pre-selected with skill assessments almost true to the simulated roles that are hired for and then pushed further for the attitude assessments to arrive at a blend of the skilled talent pool.

The foremost and the best in use today is the ability of the systems to use artificial intelligence in understanding and producing a map of cognitive and emotional make-up to align suitable roles and not just experience in a resume. The science involved ensures the match to ability and possibility is true and gets better every passing day and every passing profile!

Pymetrics is a leader today with a highly gamified platform enabling AI & 100yrs of behavioral science embedded to provide an organization with unmatched capability in assessment and predicting role fitment.

Technology in talent attraction now promises to play god in providing the most suited role to an aspiring individual. The user experience is unmatched in a way that the whole process doesn’t take more than a few minutes, possibly less than the time a recruiter takes to understand the same behavior set and more accurate too. Recruiters could design the interview flow using AI on the go and customize it to an individual role.

Harver, Hundred5 are some of them with this technology bringing in scale skill and efficiency with AI. Technology has not only brought in efficiency, scale and breadth to tap available and passive talent it has also enriched the experience of the rejects or the ones who have not been offered but shortlisted to create a platform for those to a network of companies who could tap into this talent channel.

Final Stage is championing this platform in providing top pre-vetted talent. Identity checks are carried out by facial recognition and a geolocation punch lock to ensure candidate authenticity. An AI driven chatbot then assists in the experience and query management of a candidate to a window of seamless experience.

Toward ensuring the breadth of recruiters and solve the age-old puzzle of reach and with a human touch some platforms today provide and match potential talent with freelancers and organizations. This ensures a steady pool of top talent and recruiting ability across who handle the interview and negotiation process. The platform works like an online marketplace where talent, recruiter, and organizations rate each other to create a wonderful experience driven system and efficient at that.

Final Stage says it provides the world’s first ‘talent sharing platform’. It works by getting organizations to invite shortlisted candidates who don’t receive an offer to a network of employers looking to hire. Rather than strong candidates simply being rejected, this means companies can give them a helping hand with their job search by recognizing them as top pre-vetted talent.

The talent scarcity is so high in some skills like a data scientist, ML, AI, etc that we have companies bid for talent and the potential candidate gets to choose from different organizations. Each candidate is baselined for the skill and other essential competencies before being presented. This ensures that the traditional way of hiring is flipped head on and now talent commands attention never seen before and with a digital scale.

Experiments in AI with Machine learning are now doing the roles of a traditional headhunter predicting success probabilities of a chosen talent with a given organization in a role. This helps narrow down the options much faster, cheaper and scalable and empowers Talent attraction activity with a data-based decision capability. Systems today are made to select top 5%-7% of talent relevant to a vacant role through a combination of human curation and machine learning algorithms with a higher conversion rate than the traditional process. Platforms with a resonance score provide insights into how well potential fares while working with a team.

There are also cognitive machine learning platforms which ensure cognitive biases are taken out to provide an equal and seamless opportunity to be heard and worked.

With these experiments and tools recruitment is surely transformed into an art form with science backing it and bettering itself with Machine learning each day. The typical Recruiter is now fully equipped to the source, assess and onboard talent at the speed of light!