KoineArth is a Singapore / Bangalore based, VC funded, award winning startup working at the intersection of Blockchains, Artificial Intelligence and Mechanism Design / Game theory.

The word Koinearth combines Koinne (Greek “shared”) and Arth (Sanskrit “meaning”). The name captures the spirit that a group of individuals becomes a community when they share the same purpose or meaning.

True to its name, KoineArth believes in creating a truly win-win world where the cost of creating trust (and transacting with previously unknown entities) should not stand in the way of collaboration, mutual benefit and collective profit. Therefore, KoineArth specialises in starting, operating and scaling trust-implicit collaborative economic networks between enterprises, governments and citizens.

Our latest offering, [markets]N is a cloud delivered, mobile enabled, trusted, simple to use B2B collaboration platform for supply chains (both procurement and distribution) and logistics consortia.

  • Blockchains ensures unparalleled supply chain visibility, traceability and auditability.
  • Smart contracts on the Blockchain enable seamless contract enforcement of performance-linked payment terms.
  • Incentive mechanisms are employed to push up overall performance of the supply chains

Typically this leads to reduction in cycle times, reduction in ecosystem inventory and improved cash flow across the ecosystem.

KoineArth’s clients include Fortune listed firms in various industries, across the globe.

KoineArth was founded in 2017 by Dr. Praphul Chandra after he completed his PhD in Game Theory from IISc, Bangalore.