Leveraging the IoT and Blockchain in Supply Chain & Logistics – Tweetchat

Modern supply chains have evolved into highly complex value networks and turned into a vital source of competitive advantage. However, it has become increasingly challenging to verify the source of raw materials and maintain visibility of products and merchandise while they are moving through the value chain network. The application of the Internet of Things (IoT) can help companies to observe, track, and monitor products, activities, and processes within their respective value chain networks. Other applications of IoT include product monitoring to optimize operations in warehousing‚ manufacturing, and transportation. In combination with IoT, Blockchain technology can enable a broad range of different application scenarios to enhance value chain transparency and to increase B2B trust. When combined, IoT and Blockchain technology has the potential to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of modern supply chains.

On September 27, 2019, CPO Innovation Media conducted a weekly tweetchat on LEVERAGING THE IOT & BLOCKCHAIN IN SUPPLY CHAIN & LOGISTICS. In this tweetchat, our expert speakers joined us and shared their thoughtful views on the topic.

Here a glimpse of what the industry experts said:

CPO Innovation thanks all the experts who participated in this tweetchat and shared their valuable insights.

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