Modi positions India as an alternative to China in global supply chain

Modi positions India as alternative to China in global supply chain

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday highlighted India’s location, reliability and policy stability while pitching the country as a hub for global supply and value chains in the post-Covid-19 world.

“This pandemic has also shown the world that the decision on developing global supply chains should be based not only on costs. They should also be based on trust,” he said in his keynote address at the annual leadership summit organized by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum.

Modi also highlighted his government’s belief in delivering results so that ease of living is as important as the ease of doing business. “You are looking at a country with political stability and policy continuity. You are looking at a country with commitment to democracy and diversity,” he said.

“Be it America, or the Gulf, be it Europe or Australia, the world believed in us. We have received over $ 20 billion of foreign investment flows during this year,” the Prime Minister said, adding that companies like Google and Amazon have announced long term plans for India.

Modi also said that a self-reliant and peaceful India ensures a better world. India has political stability, policy continuity and commitment to democracy, he added.

PM Modi did not name China but he said that the pandemic has demanded a fresh mindset where the approach to development ought to be human-centric where there is a spirit of cooperation between everyone.

“While looking at the way ahead, we should focus on ramping up our capacity, securing the poor, and future-proofing our citizens. This is the path we are taking,” said the Prime Minister.