Asia’s Renowned CFOs on The Road to Digital Mastery

Over the last decade, the CFO’s job has become increasingly complex due to the rapid adoption of different digital technologies and the inherently global nature of the business. Once we add to this the multitude of uncertainties on a macro-economic level worldwide, it becomes clear that today’s CFOs face more challenges than ever. To succeed, they need to rethink what their job is and how they are perceived by others in the business.

It is apparent that digital transformation brings with it many disruptive forces that shake up markets today. Instead of resisting change, CFOs are expected to be part of the innovation agenda while maintaining focus and discipline around its execution. With this, The CFO Story Forum 2019 Mumbai Edition saw the need for CFOs to be updated with rapidly changing technology and business trends to equip them with the needed skills to reinforce leadership in this area.

Attended by over 120+ finance leaders, the the first panel session of the conference was opened by Rajeev Newar, Executive Director & CFO, CHALET HOTELS,  who discussed on how digital mastery is important in finance and how the finance department can leverage on digital transformation.

What better way to discuss further on the benefits of digital transformation in finance than having finance experts from some of the biggest organizations in Asia sharing their practical instances on the matter.

Members of this insightful panel session were Jayaprakash Kalappan CFO Panasonic Appliances India Company Limited, Anjali Bhadbhade CFO DHL, Sambasivan G CFO Tata Sky, Saurabh Sinha Joint Vice President TransUnion CIBIL, Kairav Modi CFO Digital Industries Siemens, Vineet K Garg CFO Saregama India Limited, Vivek Garg Director Structured Trade & SCF Standard Chartered Bank, Ashish Jain CFO Lumina Datamatics Ltd & Narayan Saraf CFO PharmEasy.

The CFO Story Forum attendees took the opportunity to raise questions and voice out their thoughts during the open forum which concluded the first panel session of the day.

Key points discussed in this panel discussion were:

  • Incorporating digitization into the CFO strategy;
  • Value creation beyond the profit margin;
  • Advanced analytics for finance operations to accelerate decision support;
  • Improving organizational performance through data visualization;
  • Transforming skills to make finance relevant to the performance-driven enterprise;
  • Making it easy for the customer to do business with the firm.

The stories beyond numbers have not yet ended! The CFO Story Forum series will be back on February 27, 2020 in Bengaluru to witness some more unheard Finance – Technology Sagas. For more info on CFO Story 2020 or to request the full agenda, visit: