Post-coronavirus world presents golden opportunity for India: Senior US diplomat

Post-coronavirus world presents golden opportunity for India: Senior US diplomat

The post-coronavirus world provides a window of opportunity to India as countries are looking to diversify their supply chains, a senior American diplomat said on Wednesday.

Alice G Wells, US State Department’s top official for Central and South Asia, however, said India needs to open up as it is still a protected market, which sometimes denies a level playing field to foreign companies.

“In the post-pandemic environment, countries are looking at a little bit of de-globalisation and onshoring of the critical production. And at the same time, there’s a very vigorous effort to diversify supply chains,” Wells said during a conference call with reporters.

“And this is a real moment of opportunity for India by adopting more open and welcoming policies by reducing tariffs that allow manufacturing companies inside India to be part of the global supply chain,” Wells added, stressing on building trusted supply chain relationships.

Wells said as India is the world’s foremost producer of generic drugs and vaccinations, it is going to be play a critical role.

So, it will really be an opportunity for us to focus on trade ties and bring together entrepreneurs for greater growth and prosperity of people, she stressed.

Responding to a question, Wells said trade is very important part of India-US relationship and the two countries continue to work towards a deal as the bilateral trade between both touched almost USD 150 billion last year.

“I can’t predict whether a deal will be reached this year, but the impetus for achieving a trade deal is very much present,” Wells said, adding that India is a critical actor, not just for America’s South Asia strategy, but also for the vision of the Pacific region that president Trump put forward in November 2017.