Rise of Drones in Logistics & Supply Chain Post-Covid19 – LinkedIn Chat Highlights

LinkedIn Chat _23 Oct

Digital transformation: Innovation’s holy grail. Today, it’s nearly impossible to walk into a boardroom, client meeting, or innovation brainstorm without hearing the phrase bandied about at least once, twice, or—more likely—a dozen times.

The way the world views drones is changing. Once a nuisance buzzing around our heads, drones are now life-saving tools in the battle against COVID-19.

Drones are shifting from a hyped-up super technology that can solve every challenge to a tool that can allow us to meet specific needs. This shift allows us to focus on specific implementations that drive the greatest return. Capital investments in some sectors are panning out, while markets are maturing around these uses. New aerial technologies are set to play a major role in logistics and supply chain industry looking for innovative ways to meet the demands in the post-covid19 world.

Last week CPO Innovation organized a LinkedIn Chat on the topic “Rise of Drones in Logistics & Supply Chain Post-Covid19”. This 1-hour session focused discussions on the influence of drones and AGVs on supply chain and logistics as a result of Covid19.

CPO Innovation LinkedIn Chats are conversations with prominent social media commentators on current issues in supply chain, procurement, logistics, corporate finance & technology. Questions are posed to seed the discussion among them and other attendees of the chat.

Following are the highlights of what our expert guests said in the LinkedIn Chat:

We would like to thank all our expert guests for their valuable insights and those who joined us for this exclusive LinkedIn Chat.

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