US blocks some imports from China’s Xinjiang over ‘forced labor’


US has banned the import of certain apparel and computer parts from China, saying they are made by forced laborers from the Xinjiang region. According to US Customs & Border Protection, the newly banned entities include manufacturers of hair products, cotton, apparel and electronics. Previous targets have included manufacturers of toys, peeled garlic and artificial sweetener.

The US-China relations have deteriorated after the Covid-19 outbreak, with President Donald Trump squarely blaming Beijing for allowing the disease to spread across the world. The relations have further worsened over allegations of human rights abuses in Xinjiang province, autonomy of Hong Kong, Tibet, and technology theft. In a statement on Monday, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) said the products subject to the import ban are cotton, apparel, computer parts, and hair products.
“The Trump Administration will not stand idly by and allow foreign companies to subject vulnerable workers to forced labor while harming American businesses that respect human rights and rule of law,” acting CBP commissioner Mark Morgan said in a statement.