Walmart launches initiatives to link MSMEs with supply chain in India

Walmart has unveiled the global-first of its kind program to MSMEs with its supply chain. Walmart is expecting to create the first hub in India by March 2020.

Under the Vriddhi Supplier Development Programme titled Walmart Vriddhi, the US retail giant aims to train and prepare 50,000 Indian small businesses to “Make in India” for global supply chains. The company aims to create 25 such hubs across the country although it has not zeroed in on the locations or the sectors it plans to develop.

The Vriddhi program will encourage Indian suppliers to make for online and offline customers around the world, including — but not limited to — the supply chains of Flipkart and Walmart. That openness makes us unique and can truly create opportunities for those who participate. Whether a supplier has ambitions domestically or around the globe, Walmart Vriddhi will give them the tools they need to succeed,” said Judith McKenna, president and CEO of Walmart International.