Why We Need More Women in Tech and Blockchain?

At the outset, let’s understand a basic fact. Women understand women, men don’t!

Women in business was a bizarre idea a few decades ago. Then slowly, things began to change. Women started working. People realized that women can add serious value in making leaps for mankind as a whole. 

There is currently a skewed gender gap in the workforce of our tech industry. Most companies in the space are facing gender diversity conflict and are being called out if they aren’t stepping up their game. The tech space, in general, is infamously known to be a boy’s club. But hey, a lot of people don’t know that the world’s first computer programmer was a woman, Ada Lovelace – she wrote the world’s first complex computer program in 1843.

There is a serious dearth of women in the blockchain space. Technology is disruptive and will impact almost every conceivable industry. Not catering to women will eliminate approximately 50 percent of any industry’s target demographic – a serious failure on the part of any business as well as the community as a whole. Here’s why I feel women especially, in top management roles are making and can make a direct impact on how tech and blockchain businesses run. 

  • Women bring a whole different skill-set to the table. Let’s just acknowledge some unquestionable truths. I’m stereotyping here, but women are vastly superior to men in several ways. To name a few, they are more emotionally intelligent, better at multitasking, more tolerant, patient and understanding. These traits are prerequisites for any business to not just get off the ground, but survive and thrive.
  • Diversity of thought leads to better problem-solving. This statement is backed by decades of research. Collaborating with individuals of different genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, and race directly leads and enhance problem-solving. Hiring for diversity means onboarding different methods and strategies of thinking, as well as the increased capability to understand the pain points of all members of your target demographic.
  • A different perspective means increased innovation. A new idea or method, creative thought is only enriched by a different opinion. You float an idea, seek feedback, execute and continue to sharpen your process. The more dimensions you add to your thoughts and ideas, the more wholesome and appealing, relevant and current it will be. A woman’s mind, in my humble opinion, is the most powerful resource a leadership can wield.  
  • An entire marketplace lacks tech-driven innovation. There is a marketplace of female-oriented products that desperately lacks tech-driven innovation. These are products that by definition only women buy, like menstruation products, ovulation tracking tools/apps, as well as products typically bought by women. This could be a direct result of having a majority of tech businesses run by male-dominated corporate leadership. Since people are often less likely to start a company in a sub-industry that has no relationship to them. However, this industry presents a wealth of profitable possibilities that tech-driven businesses run by women, or ones with more women in corporate positions, might be more apt to pursue.

We, as a community, need to seriously evaluate why this gap persists, and bridge it. I know, I’m a man, and I just won’t get it. Right? But I’ve been trying, and I’ll continue to do so.