Will the Self-Securing Cloud Replace Security Professionals?


To expand the banking business to new customers, new channels, new geography and new markets, cloud computing is an effective tool. Cloud computing is not only expandable and swift but provides competitive advantage and better customer service with significantly less infrastructure costs. Some organizations have reported that business simulations which took more than 20 hours in a physical infrastructure setup took just 20 minutes in a cloud infrastructure. This alone explains the capability of cloud-based infrastructures. However, questions have been raised about the security of such an infrastructure.

Today we are in the age of clouds and cloud security has transformed and with innovations, cloud security has become truly autonomous with in-depth protection at all levels. This means the new generation clouds can automatically encrypt the data both at rest and in motion. Security updates and upgrades can be automatic with zero downtime and cloud can also protect itself from both malicious internal users and potent external attackers. Cloud security can itself introduce separation of duties and virtually eliminate human error which is a major reason for breach in human-managed systems. Self-securing features ensure that the cloud infrastructure remains always up to date as the baseline is not only defined but also implemented.

Although there is a difference in Automatic, Automation and Autonomous especially in the context of the cloud but automation can help cloud infrastructure in real-time risk assessment, efficient Change Management with no downtime and also in the area of compliance testing and auditing but challenges remain with a large number of security incidents in the cloud infrastructure and thus the new generation cloud security system has the capability of autonomous or self-remediation. The self-remediation capabilities of the cloud security system not only can reduce workload by more than 90% but the threats can also be identified in nearly real-time.

Some organization with high cloud adoption and with efficient security deployment has reported very high reduction in the number of incidents due to autonomous remediation in near real-time. The autonomous user behavior analytics can also help in the prevention or detection of malicious insider attacks as well as outside attacks.

With these innovations whether self-securing clouds could replace security professionals? I do not think so but this will certainly transform the security professional in a huge way and they will have to change.